Parent Advocate or Parent Attorney?

A good parent advocate knows when a parent attorney is needed.

Karen Linder is not an attorney.

Karen Linder is a non attorney parent advocate.  

She is a problem solver, a listener, a project manager, a negotiator, a coach and advisor.

She will suggest actions, including advising when an attorney would better serve the family.

Do I need an attorney?

Maybe you do.  

Karen will consult and make recommendations based on the information you provide.

Things to consider:  

What stage is your disagreement with the school district at?

What are the stakes?   What is the desired outcome? 

Does the cost of an attorney outweigh the costs of funding services and supports on your own?

Listing of CT Parent Attorneys:

Disclaimer:  This is not an endorsement by By Your Side Advocacy LLC of any one attorney.  Parents/guardians are responsible for their own research, due diligence, and choices.