education: the key to your child's success

But, it can get complicated.

If your child is struggling, there may be more questions than answers.  Does something just not feel right?  Are there  tears?  Do you get phone calls to come pick your child up from school?  Are there in-school suspensions?  These may be red flags.  If homework is a nightly  battle, s/he may not  understand what is being taught.  Perhaps your child is  unable to access the curriculum as it is being presented.  Perhaps your child is developing anxiety, exhibiting anger.  If you also need to engage with clinicians, educators, school administrators, and navigate the special education system, things can quickly become down right challenging.  🙃  

Having someone experienced by your side to support you and your child's needs brings assistance, peace of mind, and will help level the playing field.  

Karen Linder is a parent advocate who has made this journey and will walk by your side on your child's journey.

Experience Matters

  • Do you know where to start?
  • What are your child's needs?
  • Do you feel unheard?
  • What do you do if you and the school staff do not agree on your child's needs?

Karen brings over a decade of experience to help you meet your child's special education needs, including:

- IDEA and ADA knowledge.

- experience at the IEP meeting.

- communication and negotiation skills.

- tactical and strategic planning.

- project management expertise.